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Help our lunch programs and school council continue!

Stephen Leacock School Council plays a vital role in connecting parents with the educators who spend countless hours with our children. When you get involved in School Council, you’re getting the inside scoop on what’s happening in the classroom, while having the chance to speak up on decisions that will help improve student achievement and school performance.

What does school council do? School council meets once a month with school staff to discuss what’s happening at the school and how we can work together to make SLPS one of the best schools in the area. Council also runs activities such as our lunch programs, Walk to School Day, the Halloween Dance and so much more. Our pizza and sub lunch programs not only provide a much valued service to families, they also provide the bulk of the funding we raise each year to purchase technology and  library resources for our students.

New volunteers needed for September 2016 This fall, several key positions will be open as some of our dedicated volunteers move on to new opportunities:

  • Council co-chairs or chair
  • Pizza program coordinator
  • Sub program coordinator
  • Halloween dance coordinator
  • General membership and volunteer roles

Without new parent volunteers, council will not be able to offer activities such as pizza and sub lunches, which in turn will make it difficult for us to fund new resources for our school. All of the above positions can be done in partnership with another parent.

 Our next meetings are Tuesday, May 17 and Tuesday, June 21 at 7 p.m. in the library. Everyone is welcome – why not check us out?  

For more information on getting involved in council in general or in any of the critical positions outlined above, please contact Lisa Merritt (lisa.jon@rogers.com)  or Mary Vincent (maryandian@sympatico.ca), current council co-chairs.


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