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Kanata North Boundary Review Update

Planning is under way for a new elementary school to be opened in Kanata North for September 2016.  With this  new school opening, current school boundaries will have to be adjusted. A commmittee of school board staff, principals, school council and community representatives from Kanata North is currently at work to develop the boundaries for the new school and schools in the area, including Stephen Leacock. The committee is also reviewing the program options for all the schools (e.g. Early French Immersion, Middle French Immersion, English).

At the committee’s last meeting, the school board had presented the options they felt could be considered and brought the mapping logistics and student populations based on each of these different options.  With the school board and committee input, we are hoping to narrow these down to two to three options which will then be put forward in a public meeting. This public meeting is being planned for May after which a recommendation report will go to the Board in June. The decision will be made by the end of this school year, with implementation in September 2016.

This boundary review is important for all families at Stephen Leacock and you’re encouraged to remain informed and participate in the process. These decisions will impact all schools in Kanata North beginning September 2016. The following website has regular updates as well as an email address to forward any questions.
Please also share your input / questions with Stephen Leacock School Council: council.slps@gmail.com

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