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Dear Parents:

Your child is invited to attend the upcoming “Holiday Gift Shop” program at school.
This exciting program enables children to purchase their own special holiday gifts for
family and friends.

The shop will be held during school hours on December 10 – 12. A schedule of each
class’ shopping timeslot is printed on the back of this letter. All gifts will be moderately
priced from $1.00 – $10.00. Some of the items that will be available to the children are
jewellery, tools, plaques, plush toys, and coffee mugs.

We will have a wide variety of different gifts from which the children can choose. We
are very excited about the value of this program as a learning experience, since it allows
the children to select holiday gifts by themselves, so their purchases remain secret from
those who would normally have to take them to a store. It is exciting for the children
because they are really buying their own gifts, with proper assistance from volunteers but
with no sales pressure.

Only students who are prepared to participate in the Holiday Gift Shop will be brought to
the library for shopping. Those students who choose not to take part will remain in the
classroom with their teacher.

We need adult volunteers to help during the shop. If you would be interested in donating
your time, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sandi Milligan
Stephen Leacock School Council


Dec 10 – Holiday Gift Shop

8:20-9:00 1D MONETTE
9:20-10:00 1A BUTLER
10:45-11:25 1E GRAVELLE
11:45-12:25 2A LANDRY
1:10-1:50 1B POULTON

Dec 11 – Holiday Gift Shop

8:20-9:00 2E GREENLAND
9:20-10:00 3C HAVARD
10:45-11:25 2C ONYSKO
11:45-12:25 4D REID-FORTIER
1:10-1:50 3A LAFLEUR

Dec 12 – Holiday Gift Shop

8:20-9:00 3B MARCEL
9:20-10:00 1C EMARD
10:45-11:25 2B GETZ
11:45-12:25 3D JOACHIM
1:10-1:50 3E MUNROE


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