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Earl of March Gr. 7-12 Transition Update

Earl of March Gr. 7-12 Transition Update – Oct. 30 Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on Wednesday, October 30 where the design for the addition was presented and discussed. Approximately 50 parents were in attendance.
The architects walked through the grade 7-8 addition, along with the proposed relocation of the school office to the first floor. Earl of March Principal Jon Harris provided additional comments and spoke about the functionality of both spaces.

Questions on the design tended towards the functional operation of the building from a day-to-day perspective. Issues such as bell times, school buses, lunch, school council(s), etc. have yet to be addressed. These issues will be discussed in future transition team working meetings.

The OCDSB’s Michael Clarke discussed funding sources and expressed his confidence that the project will obtain the necessary funding from various Board funds and will proceed according to plan. (The relocation of the office will be funded separately from the province’s grant for the addition). Questions centered around the various pots of money and budget, and the tendering process.

School boundaries and the forthcoming boundary review for all of Kanata North was a topic of discussion. Concern was expressed regarding the number of transitions students might face with potential boundary changes.

Overall, parents seemed pleased with the design and the specialty rooms that are part of the plan. Parental input was given much consideration and the result is an addition that will meet the needs of both students and educators.

The OCDSB is welcoming comments on the design. A copy of the addition plans can be seen here and any comments can be submitted to earlofmarchssaddition@ocdsb.ca.
The project timeline includes OCDSB approval in November, Ministry approval in January 2014, and construction beginning in June 2014.


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