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New 7-12 model at Earl of March: May 6 Transition Team working meeting

A working meeting was held on Monday, May 6 for Transition Team members. The major agenda items were
i) an indoor and outdoor walkabout and
ii) an exercise in priority setting.

The majority of the meeting was spent touring the Earl of March facility, looking at specialty spaces, classrooms, common areas, and the outdoor property. A very rough estimate of the addition’s footprint size has been marked outside of the gym and music rooms. It should be noted that the purpose of this footprint is to solely give a feel for the amount of space available for a recess area, portables, and where the road needs to be relocated. The actual orientation and shape of the addition has yet to be determined.

The latter portion of the meeting was devoted to prioritizing design criteria. After some discussion, the following were decided to be the priorities:
1. moving the existing office to the ground floor for accessibility and safety
1. provision of specialty program space for existing Grade 7-8 programs (music, design & tech, etc.)
2. adequate gym facilities
3. maintaining current Earl of March facilities
4. flexible working and teaching space.


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