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New 7-12 model at Earl of March: May 15 Transition Team working meeting

A working meeting was held on Wednesday, May 15 for Transition Team members. This meeting continued to refine the prioritized criteria with respect to the features of the new addition. Also, ratings were given (necessary, important, nice to have) to specific aspects of the addition and existing Earl facilities, as well as general items of interest such as Grade 7-8 building access, administrative space, etc.

The Transition Team discussions have led to well-defined input to the OCDSB’s Planning department. The meeting concluded with Planning summarizing their understanding of the group’s input and how it roughly works into their space template. The input can be summarized as:

19 regular classrooms
1 art room
2 science rooms
2 music rooms
1 design & tech room (with the existing Earl of March drama room being renovated to another design & tech room)
1 special education room
1 resource room
1 double gym (with change rooms and storage)
staff work room
meeting room

Based on this very high level input and template analysis, the estimation appears to fall within the funding envelope.

Please note that the Transition Team is aware that the provision of the above listed specialty instructional space will very likely result in the use of portables sooner rather than later.


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