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New 7-12 model at Earl of March: April 3 Transition Team working meeting

A working meeting was held on Wednesday, April 3 for Transition Team members. The agenda items were i) to review community feedback from the public information night and ii) to review program requirements.

Notes from the public meeting were distributed. These notes captured the presentation discussion and resulting audience questions and answers. Feedback from the break-out session was categorized and listed, along with general questions that resulted from the smaller group discussions. This document will be available on the Board website (http://www.ocdsb.ca/sch/Pages/EarlofMarchAddition.aspx). Please note that the feedback given at the public meeting is framing the Transition Team’s discussion as the Board has only received one additional comment via their e-mail address (earlofmarchssaddition@ocdsb.ca).

The preference of Option 3 has come through loud and clear. Facilities is working towards that location as the first choice. The Option 3 site would only be abandoned if the ground conditions were workably unsuitable. This should be known within the next month.

The latter portion of the meeting was devoted to discussing specific requirements or concerns regarding program or facilities. Team members provided input on the following topics: the gym, music facilities, Design & Tech and science requirements, the library, drama, the auditorium, technology devices, the cafeteria, outdoor space, and safety.

Next steps will include prioritization and costing of items discussed at the Transition Team’s next working meeting in early May.


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