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Raising Resilient Kids: A presentation with Dr. Maggie Mamen

The Stephen Leacock School Council invites you to attend their presentation of:

 “Raising Resilient Children – An Evening with Dr. Maggie Mamen”

Thursday February 7, 7-9pm

Stephen Leacock Public School Gymnasium


With the increasingly complex world we live in, it is becoming harder for parents to find a workable balance between keeping children safe and over-protecting them.  This presentation explores important lessons we need to teach our children to enable them to develop some skills that are likely to increase their resilience to the pressures in their lives, and that will be helpful in the development of healthy relationships as they grow up.

Dr. Mamen is a leading Canadian psychologist with over 30 years of experience working with CHEO, Carleton University, the Carleton Board of Education, and in private practice.  Her books include: “The Pampered Child Syndrome”, “Laughter, Love and Limits”, and “Who’s in Charge?”.  Dr. Mamen speaks internationally on topics related to children and parenting.


* To reserve your seat, please fill out the tear off sheet below and return to your child’s teacher by Wednesday, January 30.  

* Babysitting will be provided in the library commencing at 6:45pm.  Please indicate the number of required spaces below.

* For further inquiries, please contact Nicole Schwarz (njeschwarz@rogers.com)

Dr. Mamen Presentation registration


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