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Kanata North Accommodation Review Meeting – April 2 – summary

Last night, the Board of Trustees Committee of the Whole met to continue to discuss questions, etc. associated with Staff’s recommendations for both Kanata North and Kanata South. Staff again presented their recommendations with a little more detail than the March 5 meeting. Included in Staff’s presentation was an example boundary map to show how Beaverbrook could be divided up if there were a new dual-track school built in the Minto land area by Huntmar Road in the 2015 timeframe. To view this boundary map, click here (please be patient – it takes a while to load). It was stated that determining specific boundaries would require community consultation (at a later date). This map illustrates a potential implementation of Staff’s recommendation, namely SLPS is dual track EFI/ENG, Roland Michener is dual track EFI/ENG, and WEJ is dual track MFI/ENG.

The next Board meeting will be this Thursday, April 5 at 7:00 at the OCDSB Board offices. This meeting is considered a continuation of Monday’s meeting, therefore any public delegations or questions will NOT be entertained. It is expected that a motion will be put forth, debated, and voted on at that time. Please see Cathy Curry’s blog for more information.


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