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Staff’s Recommendation for Kanata North ARC

OCDSB Staff’s recommendation for the Kanata North ARC is now available. This report will be presented to the Trustees on Tuesday, January 31 at 7:00 at the Board office on Greenbank Road. With respect to Stephen Leacock, Staff recognize that by 2013 our school is projected to be at a utilization factor of 160% (780 students). It is NOT recommended that additional portables be placed on site, but class sizes may have to increase over the provincial guideline. Staff recognize the need for ‘a temporary solution, which may include the use of a satellite site until such time as the addition to Earl of March can be constructed’. This addition would accommodate the Grades 7 and 8 students. Regardless of whether a new elementary school can be built by 2015, staff recommend that the Earl of March become a 7-12 school in 2015. It also appears that Staff are recommending that Stephen Leacock become a dual track ENG/EFI JK-6 school.

Please remember that this is NOT the final decision. The Trustees now have two recommendations (Staff’s and the ARC’s) to use as input for their deliberations. The public will once more be allowed to voice their opinions through public delegations at the Board meeting on March 5, 2012. More information on the process of forming a delegation to follow at a future date. Stay tuned!

To view Staff’s recommendation in full, please click here.


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