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Ontario Early Years Centre Offering the School’s Cool Program in Mid-January

The Ontario Early Years Centre will offering the School’s Cool program in mid-January and are looking for families to participate in the program.   The program will run 4 mornings/week for 6 weeks and will take place in Kanata.

The program is a unique 72-hr school readiness program for children 3 to 5 years of age.  Its curriculum provides a clear connection between specific lay experiences and learning outcomes that contribute to success in school. The program features over 120 activities specifically designed to integrate and increase learning across the developmental area of language, math/cognitive, psychological, social , and self-help.  Using the School’s Cool strength-based philosophy will also help to improve self-esteem, and encourage enthusiasm for learning and for the transition to school.

The Early Years Centre is looking for children who will be attending school for the first time in September 2012 and who have not participated in a nursery school/preschool or Early Learning and Care centre.  Families who are interested in the program should visit www.wocrc.ca and download an application form.  Families will be carefully screened to ensure that they are a good fit for the program.  Applications accepted in person or by calling 591-3686 x545. For information please call the Program Teachers, Melanie McCool or Susan Wheat at 613-591-3686. You can also e-mail Melanie mccool@wocrc.ca  or Susan Wheat  wheat@wocrc.ca .

The Early Years Centre will be offering 2 more sessions of School’s Cool in the year to come, so if families are finding that their child is too young or not quite ready to attend this session, there is another option.  Live elsewhere in the city?  Contact your local Ontario Early Years Centre as they will also be offering the program in the months to come.


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