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Comments please!

The Kanata North ARC recently presented their draft recommendations. If no new school is built by 2015 then it is recommended that:
– Roland Michener Elementary School become a dual track ENG/EFI school in September 2012
– the kindergarten program return to Stephen Leacock
– Earl of March become a Grade 7-12 facility. Grades 7 and 8 would not move to the high school until the facility expansion is built (2015).

This means that students who live in the English catchment area of Roland Michener and are currently attending Stephen Leacock for Early French Immersion would be redirected to Roland for their French programming next year. Click here to view the list of streets that would be affected by this recommendation. To view the catchment area map, click here.

If a new school will be built by 2015 then the ARC recommends that:
– Earl of March remain a Grade 9-12 facility
– a review of attendance boundaries, grade structures and/or programs will be needed for Stephen Leacock, Roland Michener, and WEJ.

This means that Stephen Leacock would remain as-is until a new school is built by 2015. At that time it is expected that the new school would help ease overcrowding in our school.

To view the Kanata North ARC presentation and recommendations in full, please click here.

The ARC is requesting comments on the recommendations presented. Please submit your feedback to Kanata North ARC before November 30.


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