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The Holiday Gift Shop is Coming!

The Holiday Gift Shop is coming to Stephen Leacock! This exciting program enables children in Senior Kindergarten to Grade 3 to purchase their own special holiday gifts for family and friends.

The shop will be held during school hours on December 6 – 9. A schedule of each class’ shopping timeslot can be found here. All gifts will be moderately priced from $0.50 – $12.00. Some of the items that will be available to the children are jewellery, tools, plaques, and coffee mugs.

We will have a wide variety of different gifts for the children to choose from. We are very excited about the value of this program as a learning experience, since it allows the children to select holiday gifts by themselves, so their purchases remain secret from those who would normally have to take them to a store. It is exciting for the children because they are really buying their own gifts, with proper assistance from volunteers but with no sales pressure.

We need adult volunteers to help during the shop. If you would be interested in donating your time, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Catherine Roberts .


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